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Marxist School of Sacramento

Classes and Discussions
Winter/Spring 2014

Our classes are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at the SMUD Customer Service Center (the "new building" closest to 65th St.), 6301 “S” St. 7-9pm

This is on S Street just west of 65th. Handicapped parking in front of the building. Plenty of additional parking immediately across S Street. The 65th Street light rail station is just on the other side of 65th.

You must sign in with the Security Guard before going to the discussion. The guard can direct you to whatever room we are in for the evening. (They have it under “Marxist School.”)

On the second Tuesday of each month we will start following the lecture series by Professor David Harvey, “Reading Marx’s Capital, VOLUME 2.” David Harvey is a Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), Director of The Center for Place, Culture and Politics, and author of numerous books. Dr. Harvey has been teaching Karl Marx's Capital for over 40 years. You can also view his lectures on his website. There are also printed complations of his lectures, A Companion to Marx’s Capital published by Verso in 2010. and A Companion to Marx’s Capital Volume 2 published by Verso in 2013.

Format: Dr. Harvey's lectures are each about two hours long, including some Q&A. We show half the lecture in each of our sessions, having our own discussion after each. In the schedule below we have provided links to the lecture online, in case you want to watch in advance. Dr. Harvey means his lectures to be an accompaniment to reading Marx's Capital, so we have also provided links to the appropriate chapters. However, if you haven't read the chapters of Capital in advance, come anyway—perhaps you'll be inspired to try it. The Harvey lectures are based on the Penguin Classics edition.

On the fourth Tuesdays we will discuss articles which are readily available online. (See below for details and links.)

January 14: Video lecture 13, David Harvey presents Capital, Volume 1.  (final lecture for Vol. 1)

January 28: discussion of January 2014, Monthly Review article “The Plight of the U.S. Working Class” by Fred Magdoff and John Bellamy Foster.  (Read it here. )

February 11: Video: Capital, Volume 2, Class 1 (Introduction), Part 1  (Introduction; we watched part 2 on our own.) Watch the video.

February 25: articles from the January, 2014 issue of Monthly Review:
The Labor Share Question in China”, by Hao Qi:
European Labor: Political and Ideological Crisis in an Increasingly More Authoritarian European Union” by Asbjørn Wahl.

March 11: Video: Capital, Volume 2, Class 2 (Chapters 1-3), Part 1. Watch the video.

March 25:  article from December 2012, Monthly Review, “The Planetary Emergency” by John Bellamy Foster and Brett Clark.

April 8: Video: Capital, Volume 2, Class 2, part 2 (see March 11).

April 22:  Article from March, 2014 Monthly Review, “Proposing a Path to Socialism” by Michael A. Lebowitz. 

May 13: Video: Capital, Volume 2, Class 3 (Chapters 4-6), Part 1. Watch the video.  

May 27:  To be announced. 

(Please email us if you have trouble accessing any of the discussion materials.)

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