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Thursday, May 18, 2017

7-9pm, Room 9*, Sierra 2 Center, 2791 24th St, Sacramento, CA

(*please note: Room 9 is along the main hall, not our usual room!)

Water Forum 2017: Expert panel discusses water issues and social justice

Listen to experienced local, grassroots, state-wide water policy perspectivesimage of ballot box from legal, social, and media experts.

Dan Bacher is a seasoned reporter for FishSniffer magazine, a sportsmans' newsletter with an environmental edge. Dan's journalism is published by AlterNet, CounterPunch, and other, alternative outlets. He can be heard at 5:30 am Saturday mornings on KFBK, 93.1 FM, on the Bob Simms' Outdoor Show, mixing fish tales with the latest news on the corporate rape of our watersheds.

The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW) is a resource for local communities engaged in social justice battles against corporations, including access to water. Its attorney, Colin Bailey, is a Marxist School Praxis Award winner. He fought plans by Sacramento Natural Gas to store millions of cubic feet of the stuff under South Sacramento's Glen Elder community. Today, he and coordinator Reverend Amanda Ford are consulting people to keep their water clean and under their control.

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